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Updated Final Examination Timetable

Latest Updates Updated Final Examination Timetable The final timetable...

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Student Information Centre


COMPLETING STUDENTS (Final Year Students - Level-5 of five year Degree programme, Level-4 of four year Degree programme, Level-3 of three year Diploma programme, Level-2 of two year Diploma/Two year Certificate programmes and those taking one year Certificate programme

CA Signing Days

August 15 2020 (Saturday) for all completing students (All Programmes).

October 03, 2020 (Saturday) for all continuing students in all programmes.

Make it a point that you sign for your CA.

Registration Procedure

Online registration is closed. Keep your PIN safe, you will need it next semester. If you have forgotten it, click REQUEST PIN, it will be emailed to you. If you have challenges with online registration, you can follow the instructions given on the document available here.

Learning Centres

The Learning Centres in the regions are made available for you to make use of them - Ngwane College, Mhlatane High School and SANU - Siteki. Have your student card with you.

Computer Lab

You have access to the IDE Computer Lab from 8:30am to 4:30pm everyday for computer usage and internet access. Covid-19 regulations will have to be adhered to at all times. NO MASK NO ENTRY

Online Registration

Follow this link for a quick access to your student portal. Ensure that you keep your PIN secure to avoid any inconvenience.



Registration for Second Semester

Before you register for second semester, check with your coordinator if you are unsure of your courses or the calendar. Second semester courses structures are available below to ensure that we are as close as possible to an error free registration process. 

Examination Timetables for Completing Classes

  • Examination dates for completing students  will be from 17th August to 31st August 2020 for completing students who are in  programmes that are run only in IDE.
    • B.Ed. Adult Education
    • Dip. Law
    • Cert. Portuguese
    • Cert. PSS
  • All other programmes will take examinations with the FULL TIME programmes, as has been in all other  academic years, and these have been scheduled in those departments.

Important documents:


About Us

The Institute of Distance Education provides educational and training opportunities for individuals who are unable to undertake conventional and professional university programmes and courses.


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