Coordinator - Prof. C. Esamphally

The Academic and Professional Study Unit aims to provide maximum learning support to our students and offer an excellent, life- changing and unforgettable learning experience to learners who would otherwise have no access to university education.

The Academic and professional Study Unit has the following functions: –

  • To design and develop programmes, as need arises
  • To plan, manage and monitor the teaching and learning processes;
  • Staff development for full time and part time lecturers and tutors;
  • To appoint full time and part time lecturers in liaison with the relevant departments and  Registrar’s office;
  • To manage and process student  examinations in liaison with the teaching departments;

The unit has six sections headed by the programme coordinator as indicated  below:



Coordinator - Mr. S.C. Shezi

The unit coordinates the Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) degree programme, which offers majors in the following areas of specialisation: Accounting & Finance, Management and Marketing.


Coordinator - Dr. N. L. Dlamini - Nxumalo

The unit coordinates the  Education programme which  has four fields of study: BEd (Secondary), BEd(Primary), BEd (Adult Education) and the PGCE. The bachelor’s degree is a four-year programme while the PGCE is a 1 year programme. 


Coordinator - Dr. H.P. Dlamini

The unit coordinates the B.A Humanities Degree programme, which normally consists two subject majors chosen from the following: English Language and Literature; African Languages and Literature; History; and Theology and Religious Studies.



Tutor - Mr. E.L. Dube

The unit coordinates the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology programme.



Coordinator - Mr. T.C. Mavuso

The purpose of the IDE-Law Unit is to provide Law degrees and diplomas through the ODL mode. Currently the Unit offers two programmes – being the Diploma in Law and the Bachelor of Laws (LLB).


Coordinator - Dr. K. Ferreira-Meyers

Certificates in Portuguese and French are the two certificates in modern languages offered by IDE. Click on the button for entry requirements and programme structure.



Tutor - Dr. J.V. Mdluli

The unit coordinates the Bachelor of Nursing Science (Completion programme) degree programme. 


Coordinator - Ms. N.C. Mabuza

Student Support Services is both a program and a service providing unit. The underlying objective of the unit is three-fold

Academic enhancement

  • Study skills
  • Orientation
  • Academic counselling and guidance
  • Mentorship
  • Testimonials
  • Examination/test taking coping skills training

Counselling and psychological services

  • Peer education and counselling
  • Counselling
  • Guidance
  • Referrals
  • Prospective student consultations
  • Personal guidance and development

Coordination of linkages between administration and students

  • Student representation in IDE management and IDE board
  • Link pin between lecturers and students
  • Supporting learning centers
  • Link pin between students and leaner support systems
  • Alumni administration
  • Provision of linkages between students and work place
  • Confirmation letters

The functional strategies of the unit are developmental, remedial and preventive. The major clientele is registered students, graduates and prospective students. In attending to clientele individuals and groups are accommodated. Consultations are still mainly face-to-face, where possible telephone and email is used. In summary, the unit seeks to provide academic and psycho-social enhancement to learners so that while enrolled with IDE their objectives are met. It is therefore the central unit in facilitating linkages between institution administration, the learners and all learner support systems.

Consultation Hours

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: Appointments & Emergencies
  • Thursday & Friday: 0900HRS – 1600HRS
  • Saturday: 0800Hrs – 1300Hrs (All Study Days)

Contacts: nomabuza@uniswa.sz

          Tel: +268 2517 0275

“Taking university programmes to the people”


Coordinator - Dr. K.E.F. Mthethwa-Kunene

Consistent with UNESWA’s key functional areas, the Institute of Distance Education (IDE) has the Research and Evaluation Unit.

The Key performance areas for this unit are:

  • Evaluation and Piloting,
  • Research 
  • Quality Assurance


The Unit carries out Needs assessment research to inform the development of new educational programmes. The needs analyses ensure introduction of relevant and marketable programmes supported by stakeholders. Piloting is critical to trial test any initiative before implementation. The Unit monitors and evaluates IDE projects, workshops, learning materials and programmes to identify strengths and areas for improvements in order to justify any revisions or changes.

The Unit carries out mainly action research in order to improve practice. By undertaking research, the results contribute to the continuous improvement of the programmes offered and the functioning of the Institute. Research studies focus on several themes, including:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Learning and teaching
  • ODL delivery models;
  • Quality assurance;
  • Issues of access and equality of opportunity.

The Unit focuses on seven quality standards in line with Quality Assurance Guidelines for Commonwealth of Learning (March, 2019):

  • Programme design,
  • Learner support,
  • Materials development,
  • Student assessment,
  • Infrastructure and facilities,
  • Staffing, and
  • ODL systems and structures.


Coordinator - Ms. N. Vilakati

The Instructional Design and Development Unit co-ordinates the Design and Development of all Study Materials delivered through print and electronic media for used by distance education students, lecturers and tutors.  Members of the Unit form part of course teams involved from initial interpretation of the syllabus through to the training of writers to design and develop module units up to the final production of the modules. Other course team members are nominated upon consultation with Heads of Departments, as Course Writers with subject matter expertise and as peer Content Reviewers. 



The mission of the Instructional Design and Development Unit is to:

  • Support, advice and guide material developers.
  • The Instructional Design and Development Unit (IDD) team at the Institute of Distance Education (IDE) assists academic staff in the development of blended learning materials.
  •  IDE staff utilize best practices and principles in instructional design to help foster high quality education at IDE.
  • The team oversees and supports the course review process to ensure continuous improvement in materials development.
Core Business
  • Offer professional development, training, and consultations to faculty on pedagogical best practices.
  • Training of course writers and quality assurance persons such as content reviewers, and language editors
  • Support faculty in the design, development, and implementation of blended and face-to-face course.
  • Review blended courses to ensure good quality, to measure against national standards, and to foster continuous course improvement.
  • Provide quality customer service to staff and students.
  • Maintain and enhance instructional design skills of the UNESWA staff teaching at IDE.
  • Ensure that all materials go through the content review process for quality.
  • Ensure that all materials undergo the language editing process.
  • Ensure that all materials are sent for typesetting for iniformity of presentation.
  • Send materials for printing and dispatching.
  • Prepare all agreements forms for persons doing instructioanl work at any stage.
  • Avail claim forms for persons engaged in instructional work.
Instructional Support
  • Constantly work with course teams to ensure materials are pedagogically sound.
  • Assist writers identify relevant Open Educational Resources (OERs).
  • Guide writers on adapting OERs.
  • Offer support to writers after content reviewer’s report.
  • Assist writers to address suggestions from language editor.


Assistant Coordinator - Dr. S.P. Dlamini
  • Instruction Design Support
  • Training for course writers




Copy Editor - Ms. S.T. Shongwe
  • Review blended courses to ensure good quality, to measure against national standards, and to foster continuous course improvement.
  • Language Editing and Formatting


Senior Technologist (Printing & Production) - Mr. P. Maphanga


  • Typesetting
  • Printing and Dispatching
Coordinator - Dr. T.T. Rugube
  • Provides resources and services to promote the use of technology in the teaching and learning environment.
  • Included in these services are multimedia development, online teaching and learning resources, video studio, video teleconferencing studio and workshops that introduce course instructors to the various technologies that UNESWA provides.

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