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Second Semester:

Completing Students  Updated Year Planner for the month of September:

Dates of Classes/Activities University Activities  for IDE Students Study Days
Continuing Students
September  05  2020 (Saturday) Study Day B.Ed (P & S) & PGCE
September  06  2020 (Sunday) Study Day B.Ed (P & S) & PGCE
September  12  2020 (Saturday) Study Day 4th  Study day - All Programs
September  13  2020 (Sunday) Study Day 5th  Study day - All Programs
September  19  2020 (Saturday) Study Day 6th  Study day - All Programs
September  20  2020 (Sunday) Study Day B.Ed (P & S) & PGCE
September  26  2020 (Saturday) CA SIGNING DAY All Programs

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Latest Updates 05/08/2020

reminders Institute of Distance Education completing students CAs & Exams CA Signing will be on 8th August 2020 for completing students in the following programmes:

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IDE Course Evaluation

Institute of Distance Education RESEARCH AND EVALUATION UNIT IDE Course Evaluation Form Dear StudentThis questionnaire is part of IDE’s continuing effort to improve course modules

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Revised Year Planner

YEAR PLANNER-2019 / 2020 (Second Semester: July to October 2020) Revised Year Planner CONTACT TIME & EXAMINATION DATES FOR COMPLETING STUDENTS (Final Year Students –

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June 2020 Newsletter

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The Institute of Distance Education provides educational and training opportunities for individuals who are unable to undertake conventional and professional university programmes and courses.

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