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To be an international centre of excellence in distance education access, delivery, practice, research and lifelong learning. 


To increase access to tertiary education by providing demand-driven educational and training opportunities to individuals (employed, self-employed, unemployed and school leavers) by offering them quality short and long-term credit and
non-credit courses using the distance
education delivery mode.


IDE, is refocusing and restrategising its operations to ensure implementation of high quality distance education courses that are in line with DE key principles of accessibility, openness, self-directed learning, e-learning, relevance and responsiveness. Thus placing IDE at a competitive advantage in customer satisfaction and realisation of the goal of being an ODeL institute of choice in Eswatini and beyond the borders.

from the Director


Welcome to the Institute of Distance Education (IDE) at the University of Eswatini (UNESWA). 

Our mandate at IDE is to take university education to the people.  In terms of student enrolment, we are the largest institute in the University of Eswatini with 1 682 students in the 2018/2019 academic year.  We offer high-quality academic and professional programmes through the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) delivery mode. We have programmes in the broad fields of Education, Humanities, Commerce, Law, Modern Languages and Psychosocial Support. We have a diverse staff and student population.  IDE works closely with collaborating departments within the UNESWA Faculties, in line with the dual-mode system the university follows. Most of our programmes are housed in the full-time conventional departments. Management and staff in these departments teach in the contact sessions and are involved in quality assurance of the programmes in line with the University’s standards and procedures.

We are located at the Kwaluseni main campus and our current mode of delivery makes use of the print module and a limited number of face-to-face contact sessions. We are in the process of implementing the blended learning approach. In this approach, we seek to complement the current delivery approach with increased computerised electronic learning approaches, hence our placement of emphasis on multi-media. To this end, we have plans in place to enhance the utilisation of the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS). Students should access most of the information on courses and learning material remotely. We have also finalised Memoranda of Agreement with three digital learning centres so that our IDE students are able to utilise computer and internet facilities closer to their homes. The centres are Ngwane Teacher Training College in Nhlangano, Mhlatane High School in Pigg’s Peak and SANU in Siteki. We are also in the process of finalising another Memorandum of Agreement with William Pitcher Teacher Training College in Manzini. All the centres will be launched soon and open for use by students. The University and IDE are also engaged with service provides for the increase of internet bandwidth in the University and provision of reduced data costs for students. IDE plans to produce recorded lectures, which will be made available to students. To access these students will require data to access such material.

We hope that when you access our website you will find useful information about IDE, the programmes on offer, delivery modes, among numerous other issues. You will also be able to connect with key role-players in open and distance learning in our Institute.    

Thank you for your interest in the Institute of Distance Education.





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Popular Programmes

These are programmes which get the most applications or have the most students compared to the other programmes offered in the Institute of Distance Education.

Certificate in Psychosocial Support

178 students graduated with this programme in 2017/18 academic year. Preference will be given to applicants who are working with children and youth and have a letter of recommendation from an employer or designated/ recognized authority.

Post Graduate Certificate in Education

This programme  if for graduates who are interested in teaching at secondary school level. We also assist  student teachers understand and respect the teaching profession in Eswatini’s educational context as they acquire a broad range of pedagogical and other relevant skills to be effective educators

Bachelor of Commerce

The Bachelor of Commerce Degree has three subject options (majors), namely: Accounting, Management and Marketing. Our programme provides students with a strong foundation in general business knowledge and skills; and active learning and interaction with the business community through internship.

Bachelor of Arts in Humities

The programme makes an interesting choice because of its focus on aspects related to culture and life. As such, the main areas of study are English Language and Literature in English; African Languages and Literature; Modern  Languages and Literature (French); History, and Theology and Religious Studies. 

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About Us

The Institute of Distance Education provides educational and training opportunities for individuals who are unable to undertake conventional and professional university programmes and courses.

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