The Institute of Distance Education (IDE) has developed, with the support of the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), an intensive six-week long course on online teaching. The programme will be offered wholly online and is meant to equip teachers and course instructors with online teaching knowledge, skills and expertise. Furthermore, this is a professional development programme which does not lead to a teaching certification. It aims at assisting course instructors to transition to online teaching and adapting to online learning environment.


  1. University Lecturers
  2. College Lecturers
  3. School Lecturers
  4. Training Officers
  5. Final year university/college education students
  6. Any other interested professionals and school leavers

COURSE STRUCTURE: Four (4) modules, namely IDE101, IDE102, IDE103 and IDE104. taken consecutively.

  • IDE101 – Designing and developing online courses
  • IDE102 – Creating digital learning Materials
  • IDE103 – Developing online facilitation skills
  • IDE104 – Creating authentic online assesments

DURATION:The normal duration of the programme shall be six (6) weeks. (2hrs per day)

Tel: 25170276/25170279

Email: ide@uniswa.sz

Website: www.ide.uneswa.ac.sz

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The Institute of Distance Education provides educational and training opportunities for individuals who are unable to undertake conventional and professional university programmes and courses.


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