June 2020 Newsletter

The first edition of 2020 is out! Welcome to the 19th issue of the IDE Newsletter.  The theme for this publication is

“Quality Assurance in Distance Education” .

At the Institute of Distance Education, we see our response to the Covid-19 as a great opportunity to expand and enhance our online learning activities. Distance education is bound to embrace and utilise available technologies to enhance teaching and learning


Dr. K.E.F. Mthethwa-Kunene

IDE is in the process of developing Quality Assurance guidelines. Dr. Mthethwa-Kunene elaborates on the collaborative process with extensive stakeholder consultation.

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Prof. K. Ferreira-Meyers

Prof. Ferreira-Meyers analyses in detail the digital version of Bloom’s Taxonomy; and also highlights how “zooming” is blending in as we embrace online learning.

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Dr. P.S. Dlamini

Dr. Dlamini was hosted at Glasgow Caledonian University in January 2020 to share knowledge on work-based learning programmes, which includes the pedagogy and delivery of WBL Programmes.

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